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    rtsChina firmly opposes U.S. tariff hikes on Chinese imports08-25-2019 09:39 BJTBEIJING, Aug. 24 -- China is firmly opposed to the U.S. announcement that it will further raise the tariffs on about 550 billion U.S. do

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    llars of Chinese imports, said a spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) Saturday."Such unilateral and bullying acts of trade protectionism and extreme pressure run counter to the consensus of the heads of sta

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    te of China and the United States, and run counter to the principles of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit," the spokesperson said.The U.S. announcement Saturday will seriously damage the multilateral tradin

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    g system and the normal order of international trade, the spokesperson said, warning the U.S. side is bound to bear the consequences of its own actions."China strongly urges the United States not to misjudge the situ

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    ation, or underestimate the determination of the Chinese people. It must immediately stop its erroneous practices, or bear all the consequences," the spokesperson ○said. Please scan the QR Code to follow us on

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InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatChina shows rationality and restraint in tariff cou

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shows rationality and restraint in tariff countermeasures08-24-2019 14:48 BJTChina

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announced on Friday that it would go ahead with promised additional tariffs on U.S

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. imports worth about 75 billion U.S. dollars. The additional tariffs, of either 10 percent or 5 percent, are to b

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  • e introduced in two installments. The first installment will take effect on September 1, and the second on December 15. In addition, China wil

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  • l resume imposing additional tariffs of 25 percent or 5 percent on American-made cars and auto parts starting from December 15.The move, a res

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  • ponse to recently announced U.S. tariff hikes on Chinese goods, is a necessary measure Beijing has to take to counter Washington’s unila

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and trade protectionism. China has once again demonstrated that it will never bow to extreme pressure.American soybean farmers will be one of the the biggest victims of Washington’s willful behav

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